An initiative of the National Women’s Council of Ireland

Our Work

What we do

The Y Factor project is an the youth initiative of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, aimed at empowering young people (in the 16-25 year age-group) to be leaders for women’s equality.

How will we do that?

The project has a number of core actions planned to achieve that aim:

  • It provides a space for young people to discuss, tease out, share experiences, inform one another and voice their views on women’s equality and what that means in the lives of young people. This will mostly happen through on-line platforms such as our website, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • It involves young people in organising events that draw attention to the issues that most concern them and to profile and celebrate what is important and relevant about young women’s contribution to society
  • It supports learning and awareness raising among young people about gender equality and inequality by developing and delivering discussion/education programmes in school and youth projects- Producing and disseminating a suite of tools and resources that can be used by any and all schools and youth projects as part of the curriculum or youth programme. Please see our toolkit in Resources
  • It supports young people to take action on the issues that most concern them. Please see our activism guide in Young People under Resources
  • It creates space for young people’s voices within the women’s movement and particularly within National Women’s Council and ensure that t NWCI includes the voices and issues of young people in its lobbying and campaigning work

How is the project structured?

The Y Factor team comprises of Laura Maloney, The Y Factor Development Worker, and a Steering Group that is currently made up of young women under the age of 25.  The project is located within National Women’s Council of Ireland and will integrate its work within the overall strategic direction of NWCI.

How did this project come about?

NWCI is a membership organisation concerned with achieving equality between women and men in Ireland. It has approximately 170 members of whom the vast majority are women’s organisations.  In recent years, the NWCI has noticed an increase in the number of younger feminist organisations, some of whom who have sought support from or to work with NWCI. Schools and universities have also been approaching NWCI to ask them to provide information to young women; and NWCI has always provided trainging opportunities which are availed of by talented young women who bring specific insights and experience to their work within NWCI.  In 2011 the organisation held national discussions with young women about their interests in women’s equality, in feminism and what support young feminists need. As a result, it sought funding to establish a project that specifically sets out to support young women and men in to become active and advocate for women’s equality.