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About Us

The Y Factor Project

What is it about?

The Y Factor Project is the youth initiative of National Women's Council of Ireland, set up to empower and support young people to become leaders for women's equality. By working together with young people this project will:

  • Identify the key issues that affect young women in Ireland
  • Work with young people to develop their own solutions to their concerns
  • Ensure the voices of young women are included and heard within the National Women's Council
  • Promote the voices and priorities of young women in social and public discourse

How is this done?

The Y Factor Project works in a variety of ways to build the knowledge and analysis of young people about women's equality and to support their participation in the project.

  • We work with schools, youth groups, young feminist groups and organisations to develop and deliver programmes that enable learning, discussion, sharing and analysis.
  • New social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide space for young people to engage with each other and with NWCI.
  • Events and activities are organised to build the profile and widen the participation of young people in the project.

'Like to get involved?

There are a number of ways that you can be part of this exciting initiative:

  • Bringing this project to the attention of your friends, school, youth group or organisation.
  • Connecting with The Y Factor and other young people through our on-line platforms.
  • Signing up to be a volunteer with the project.
  • Joining the project steering group to share your ideas and help shape how this project develops.

How to contact us?

Laura Maloney, Project Development Worker


Phone: 016790100

Text: 085 861 90 88


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