An initiative of the National Women’s Council of Ireland

A Lifetime of Equality?

Gender stereotyping begins at birth. Girls are given ‘girly’ toys but are we really born to love princesses and dolls or trucks and footballs?

In Childhood

Kids’ TV reinforces gendered ideas – heroines are usually pretty or sexy while boys are often strong and heroic or dopey or lovestruck (with the hot girl, of course!)

At School

At school, women make up 85% of primary teachers yet only 53% of primary principals are female. Now there’s some maths that don’t quite add up!

In Childhood

A whopping 98% of those looking after the home are women while 44% of married men work outside home for 40 hours or more per week, compared with 15% of married women.

In the workplace

It still doesn’t pay as well to be female either! At working age, women earn 14% less than men overall.

In the workplace

Men and boys are more into sport than girls and women. Really? Or is it that male sport gets more encouragement, funding, and media coverage?

In the media

Do you notice how women are represented in the media? Sexualised images of women are common, whereas men are more likely to be the subjects of business, politics and sport

Violence at home

1 in 7 women have experienced severe abusive behaviour, of a physical, sexual or emotional nature from a partner at some time in their lives. Equality means that women and girls should be and feel safe.

In the autumn years

When it comes to decision-making, only 15% of TD’s in Dáil Eireann and 13% of government ministers are female. That’s a lot of big decisions being made for women and men in this country by… mostly men.

In the autumn years

Women live longer than men by about 5 years but tend to be more likely to live alone, in poverty and in poorer health. Of those describing themselves as retired, 68% are men whilst 32% are female.